Author: bubs-bunny

Keif Candle

It would be awesome they made a Keif candle that you just light and let burn but you get high just from being in the room.


So I just read that in 5 years, japanese scientists are going to (attempt) to resurrect, and recreate the Mammoth. Thats fucking insane, Theyre just re-making an extinct species. Blows my mind... thought I would share.

Steve Jobs must be stoner,

Because almost every apple product is a great rolling surface. Anyone else use their laptop, ipad, or even if desperate their iphone to roll on?

why do people use ice…?

ice only waters down drinks. why not take your beverage of choice and freeze small cubes of it then put those cubes in your drink. They will make the drink cool and refreshing but also not water it down...