Author: bluedreamchick

Why its not a good idea for me to read while high…

For me when I try to read a book while I'm blown, 2 things could happen.. Either, I read each word very slowly, so slowly in fact that I forget the last word I just read and I have no idea what the sentence/paragraph I just read about. Or, I read a paragraph with so much detail I picture it in my head and watch it over and over in my head, occasionally think about something else and getting sidetrack and completely forget that I'm trying to read a book. Any one else have this problem?

Why we can/can’t smell water..?

We can/can't smell water because the lining of our noses, is made up of 70% of water. so therefor, we smell water every single time we breath in. But if we try to smell water itself we can't smell it! Mind Blown.