Author: beezknees

Just a suggestion

Maybe when you upvote someone's highdea, it should move above the one before it so it can stay up longer. Viewers get to see more of the good highdeas and submitters dont have to worry about getting 10 or 15 votes in the first 10 minutes and nothing after that.

not that i’d want this to happen, but

why can't men show off their penises like women do with their breasts. every time i'm in walmart, i run into a big ass section of women's underwear with all kinds of shit i've never even heard of, all specially designed to support boobs. Men's underwear is just boxers and briefs, and you can usually the stores entire supply of these on 2 or 3 shelves. Why don't we have specially designed, penis-enhancing underwear? If a man's packin, shouldn't he be able to show the world? P.S. I'm not gay. Really.