Author: beezknees

Kid Cudi and Wiz Khalifa

Does anyone else on here like musical artists because they actually have musical talent? Not just because they can write about weed?

Another parallel universe highdea

What if there's a parallel universe and when you get high you can hear your parallel self. Maybe that's how all those crazy thoughts randomly pop into your head. Just maybe.

I just realized something

When you're sober, you just think about things and move on. When you're high you actually think about how you thilnk about things. You really think about the whole thought process involved in your thoughts. At least I do.

How High?

I was sitting on the coach, ridiculously stoned, and my mom asked me to get the mail. Naturally, I grabbed my car keys, unlocked the mailbox, retrieved the mail, and locked it again. Then I realized that mail boxes aren't cars and they don't lock so I put the mail back in the mail box and got it back out again. That High

You know what’d be awesome

If when we die, we get to see all of the weed we have ever smoked, just to be able to visualize it. Just imagine, staring at a mountain of green, knowing that you've actually smoked it all.

Has anyone on here ever thought…

that your entire life is just killing time before you die? I'm not suicidal or anything, but it really is. Our whole life just consists of us running around, finding ways to spend our time on earth.

Conversation with my car (I was really high)

Car: chickachickachicka - translated: Naw man, you're not getting to work on time this morning Me: C'mon car. You know I can't afford to lose this job. Car: chickachicka - translated: I'm cold and tired man. Just give me a second. Me (in tears): Please car. I need you right now. Car: VROOM! - translated: Alright, I got you man. Me: thanks car


I love when I'm at a party watching everyone act drunk and crazy while me and a few friends sit quietly in a comfortable location, pass a blunt, and observe our surroundings.

Ten words

Instead of just writing out numbers, I'm gonna start filling in my ten words with little quotes. Hopefully this will catch on and we'll get to see funny little quotes all the time. That rug really tied the room together." - The Big Lebowski"


I watched toy story 3 yesterday and it just occurred to me that slinky dog has managed to last 3 movies and about 10 years. Everyone knows slinkys cant last more than two weeks.

Every Christmas Morning

I used to dread that hour or two when I'm waiting for everyone else to wake up so we can all open stuff. Now I look forward to the most epic and rewarding wake and bake of the year.

My friend just bought a Fushigi

and realized that it doesn't defy gravity (who could have guessed?) so I came up with this acronym to explain why they don't work F.U.S.H.I.G.I. Fuck U Shit Head, It's Gravity, Idiot