Author: Bazhooka_joe

so i just realized that

each character in family guy represents one of the 7 deadly sins: Peter- Gluttony Quagmire- Lust Brian- pride Chris- sloth Stewie- Wrath Meg- Envy Lois' Dad- Greed

how strange

i bought the snorgtees shirt, yet i didnt turn into a hot girl with big tits. what terrible advertising

how old

is spongebob? what about patrick? jesus squidward could be anywhere between 4 and 84

let me get this straight

my highdea that took my nearly an hour of deep thought gets 6 upvotes (toothbrushes are bi) yet my highdea that probably took 1 minute to think of and another 5 to write gets 407 (dandelions are dangerous) fuck you highdeas, i wasnt even high for that one

Midget thoughts

Do midget people make midget sized poops or just regular sized poops? someone please bring me a pooping midget.

porn noise

every porno should have the first 5 seconds of sounds be static so that you have time to turn the volume down for the sake of those around you.