Author: baiaotou

Weed IS a gateway drug

I've been smokin weed every day for over a year, and shortly after starting it i developed a hopeless addiction to cocoa puffs.

burn the fields!

I'm gonna run a smear campaign against and illegalize strawberries, on the grounds that they give you diarrhea if you eat too many of em (and ill probably make up a few other side effects too). dont that make about as much sense as doin that with an herb?

This isnt a highdea…

Because I'm out of weed so im not high. But if i were, it would be. You see my point? I'm not ranting, just making a point that people need to quit downvotin and leavin comments on highdeas sayin its not a highdea just cause its not about weed or some related matter. If you're high, and you're writing a highdea on highdeas, its a highdea. .....end of story


Imagine if the countries were still pangaea. I like to think wed have a little less war but im not sure we would. But thatd be so cool wouldnt it? bein able to drive to any place in the whole world?


How are these cheapo lighter companies still in business? If you can afford to smoke anything you can afford an awesomely superior BiC.

Bob Marley

......lots of people like his music. But only we truly understand it. R.I.P. Robert Nesta Marley

limewire shut down

Looks like the legal system finally intervened and shut limewire down. Well they finally ended the sharing of free music through limewire. So I'd like to welcome all former limewire users, like myself, to frostwire haha

wierdest phobia ever

hey, i just thought of the funniest thing. imagine someone who had a phobia of gasping. they would just keep gasping at each gasp after somethin scared em.

the real me

ya know what i realized? people say yer different and not yerself when yer high. but what i just learned about myself is that when im high, thats when i relax, say what i want, and let myself be myself. the sober times is when im mroe uptight, serious, and rigid. stoned me is the real me