Author: 16andhigh

shark attack

How fucked up would it be to get attacked by a shark while walking out of a grocery store...

Felt like I got caught beating off

So I just get done blazing peacefully in my room. So I decide to bust out the Lego starwars set and get some building in (for the record I only build when I'm baked and no ones around). Anyway I start building and I'm pretty and at this time I'm blasting kid cudi on my stereo while in my undies. All of a sudden my door just swings open and there's my mom and girlfriend looking at me while I'm in my drawls and building a starwars ship. Mind you I'm stoned off my ass so all I could say was this isn't mine. Oh and this happened about 15mins ago. My girl is still lauging. I'm still baked tho =-) BONG!!!