you know you are stoned wher

1. you have debates with yourself on whether your high or not
2. you think of something awesome then forget then try and remember what you where thinking, only forget why your doing that and then just think of something totally different.
3. you put down 3 boxes of cereal in under 20 minutes
4. you try and make up your own words
5. something as common dropping the tv remote turns into a 5 minute laughing spill
6. you think everyone knows your high
7. you lose track of time and end up playing mario kart for much longer than you anticipated (rainbow road is simply amazing)
8. you keep laughing because you realize how good of an ab workout you are getting
9. you start to realize how dumb some of the shit you say is
10. you get so pissed and it seems amazingly stupid that weed is illegal
11. you realize how awesome Joe Rogan is…


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