Websites and how they compare to drugs

So I was thinking about how certain websites relate to drugs, and I’ve come to the conclusion that:

Marijuana: HighDEAs. It’s not really addictive, but it’s fun as hell, and that’s why you keep going on it.

LSD and Mushrooms: Stumbleupon. Fun, and you never know what the hell is going to come up next.

Crack: Facebook. VERY addictive, and really not good at all.

Meth: Twitter. Addictive, you’re always checking it and constantly saying completely irrelevant shit that quite frankly, no one gives a fuck about.

PCP: 4Chan. The first time it scares you, then you get used to it and it becomes pretty addictive and/or you fall in love with it.

DMT: Google. Endless possibilities.

Heroin: MySpace. Only sluts, whores, and douche bags use it.

Inhalants: MyYearBook. Only retards who try to be cool use it.

Ecstasy: Youporn…yeah..

I’ll post more when I think of some, and feel free to post your own.

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