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My name is Shana, but you can call me RiiKO.
Why RiiKO? Sounds like a mans name, yes I know.
Whenever people try to text my name, it could always change it to Rico if it wasn't saved in their phone. I changed the spelling to make it more snazzy.
I have a temperamental Siamese cat named Ling Ling.
I go to Caribou Coffee so much they know me by name.
I have a strange thing for gnomes.
(Yes, from Drawn Together, if you even remember it.. It's on Netflix if you want to find out what it is.)
My favorite color is green, obviously..
I am a simple being. Love my reggae music. Bob Marley is a very wise man, I think we all could learn a thing or two from him.
Love music so much my system in the trunk costs more then my '88 Oldsmobile. The little things make me happy. I like contradictions. I like things that make me think about something for more than a few minutes. Now you know some random information about me.. that's why you read this, right?



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