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message me if dare,i know its not fair,but who cares? i'm not gay,ask me any day.if don't think this improved,ill cut my feet name is Carlos Resnov,and i don't smoke the Marbolos.that shits nasty,more like a CATASROPHE .it was meant to be,this is a middle finger to society.whats with all the hate,that has no taste,dont copy and paste dude,some call me a prude,whats with that attitude? you get a lot farther in life without a wife,just kidding,what is your bidding? we have no rights in this fight,if we get together,it will be forever,does that rhyme,let me analyse,stop crying,your not dying,so give up trying,speaking of death,lets go commit theft JUST KIDDING,THEFT IS BAD MKAY?



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