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Don't gain the world and lose your soul, wisdom's worth more than silver and gold. -Zion Train


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Empire State of Mind - Jay-Z (Beantown Remix)

Yeah I'm from that Beantown,
Actually from Worm Town,
Outsiders call it Worcester,
Locals call it War-Town,
Still Im reppin Boston,
Home of The Departed,
Arod, Derek Jeter, cheaters step out of the closet.
Got all the does fawning,
Now the dogs are barking,
Leave him off his leash, chiwawas really aren't that taunting.
Your talkin' to a pitbull,
I'll leave your girlfriend's pit full,
Unleashed the fuckin' hounds, she swallowed, didn't spit the mouthful.
Thankful that I'm breathin',
Enemies are schemin', stay a step ahead of them,
No wonder they are seething,
Fake it like you're Seether,
Keep your rhymin briefer,
Matter fact don't spit at all and don't try singin' either
Yeah, they call me weedman,
Spreadin out my wingspan,
Flyin' like an eagle, credit goes to the Steve Miller Band,
Long live the Patriots, Home of the Red Sox,
Reversed the curse Babe place on us,
Saints from the Boondocks



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