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I love: To laugh; The Red Hot Chili Peppers; Joe Rogan, Katt Williams, and Tucker Max because they are all hilarious; Bonobo's[type of ape, look'em up]; Playing Lacrosse in College; Stand up comedy; boys that wear backwards hats; dogs; Zippo my cat (She can do tricks ); beer and obviously pot. Enjoy the links. And my bad if I posted something twice (I have zero memory)

Good Songs to check out: (The Weeks: Mississippi Rain) (Black Rob: Life Story) (BudEZ: MaryJane) (BudEZ Jones'N') (The Expendables: Sacrifice) (Smoke-N-Drive) (Three Days Grace: Animal I have become and break is a good song too) (Tupac Bury Me A G) (Kreayshawn-Gucci Gucci) (Citizen Cope: Son's gonna rise) (Pepper, No Control) (Street Dogs, Final Transmission)

Funny Ass Shit: (T-Rex: Sbooby)
This is my roommates nephew going down the stairs: (Joe Rogan Standup on Pot) (Joe Rogan Disses Heckler) (Joe Rogan on Nick Diaz smoking) (Tucker Max) (LazyBoy: Underwear goes inside the pants) <--A VERY funny comedy! Starts off talking about weed but it's more about current day American and it's problems. <-- Another cat video.. kinda long but funny. <-- Funny Memphis Comedian

Awesome Shit: (Shamel Bratton breaks ankles)

Stand Up Comedy(Be easy, it's not awesome or anything) (8/26/2011) (9/5/2011)

Good Books: (If you're into hiphop or rap) (The Music Industry: By Patrik Wikstrom) (Susan Rosenberg) (Scar tissue by Anthony Kiedis)
I hope they serve beer in Hell by Tucker Max (Very Funy) (My stroke of insight)
Good Books if you're feeling lost in this world. Or if you have already lost someone that was your world. (Tuesdays with Morrie) (The Four Agreements-Probably the One book I would suggest everyone read. My best friends mom gave it to me after I got into a huge fight with my mom. I read it and realized I was being too harsh and we needed to learn how to understand each other better. I bought the book and gave it to her last christmas... she still has yet to read it. And that breaks my heart because I know we could be on the same leve .... well, you get the picture.) (A long way gone) (Sons of Hamas by Mosab Hassan Yousef)

Good Movies you might not know about (Running Scared) (Belly 1 and also Belly 2 is amazing)

Learn well.
Be open.
And listen to Baz Lurhman. ( )

Delaware Rap: J squad at Mojo in Newark Delaware The BudEZ Square 1... this shit is awesome.



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