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20 years living California Bound_More About Me: check the Last Link Below

2 years in Strict Compliance with CA Prop215 SB420 & Sections 11362.5 of HSC Unlawful To Redistribute. CA Sales Tax PAID!
Live In California? Have a Medical Condition/Medical Card? Well Come On Up to Cloud 99 'Where THe Crowds Are always Stoney' honestly:: Message me We can have a Medicated Session. Only if you have Your Proper Paper Work/ID I don't BullShit Or Want Trouble Just a Nice Medicated Sessions with Fellow Medicinal Users .

Ganja Gods are always Watching, So be On Your Stoney Behavior Stoners ,Pack 'Em, Light 'Em, Smoke 'Em,Pass 'Em.

I love marijuana, who hasn't loved Her at one point in their Life.. . I would Love to Protest to the DEA to Go away and Leave US alone. I would also Be thrilled to just get a Mystery Machine van, with a Awesome gang & lou dog(not scooby) & travel the United states Fighting Crimes (protesting against the DEA) :D We are Unstoppable, a New Way Is Possible!
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