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Mary Jane is my only faithful woman in my life next to my wonderful family. I smoke weed to free my mind not to get "fucked up". The meaning of life is a mystery I hope to one day solve probably can't help you find yours because everyones purpose in my mind is different but id be glad to smoke you up and help find your answers.

Side Notes:
Moments are only awkward if u make them awkward.
Life is only boring if you decide to do nothing with it.
Aggression is only necessary when you need to defend yourself.
Money can't buy happiness...if marijuana was free I would agree with this for the most part.
Everything happens for a reason don't dwell on your mistakes just work for success.

Side Poetry:
Life is just a mystery
Sometimes it gets the best of me
But it only makes a better me
So you be you and let me be me
These days imma cherish they are my best memories

I live by the G's:
Good girls
Good ganja

Stay high my friends



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