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I used to have an account on here about a year ago but i lost the email and was unable to recover it so i just made this one :D im just a hippy dude, names nic but some people call me nico cause they think its more fun to say. i shake and spin a sign for a pizza place so iim outside dancing for hours on end. i am BAKED that whole damn time. gotta be. id go crazy. most everyone else there comes in faded as hell too so its the best job ever! i smoke on a daily basis to treat my depression and back anxiety as well as back pain and insomnia. my mom and dad toke from time to time (mum more than him, i take after her) i just figure i can come here to have a place to read and share ideas with like minded people. so i hope im right lolololol

yeah im faded writin thus



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