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HEY YOU!!!!!!!!! I'm going on a roadtrip from RI --> CA june 10th-20th & i'd love some insight on places to visit, things to avoid, maybe even meet up to smoke & enjoy each others company. read the highdeas below, shoot some advice/tips, i'm looking to make my trip one to tell the grandchildren.

---PFC Kyle Joe Coutu you are my hero, my best friend and my motivation to push harder every single day. The Marines lost a great soldier but the world lost a better friend. i love you brother, always. 2/15/90-2/18/10 [forever young]

---for those of you who say "life's too short"... no, shut your pie hole. it's the longest thing you do and it's not my fault you waited till you were 35 to realize that life is the sweetest thing you will ever taste.
---speaking of living life; you live life twice. don't think you can? message me and you'll see how
*not everyone lives twice; it's aquired not required*
---but really message me. even if it is just to say hey. who knows, it could change your life.
---today, i'm the youngest i'll ever be; i've already made 22 laps around the sun & only now am i beginning to realize my potential.
---marijuana has never slowed me down from my dreams, it's only shown me new ones.
---treat life as well as it treats you. If someone helps you, help two.. to better one life is to better the world.
---lastly, tell the ones you care about how you truely feel; you can never say i love you enough. I LOVE YOU, every last one of you.

did i mention you should message me. i mean, you read this far so why not, right?



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