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Without me here, to know experience,
how could this experience be?
And how do I continue on?
If it’s by speech that words are said,
if odours are perceived by smell …
if sights are seen by sense of vision,
sounds are heard by sense of hearing,
feelings felt by sense of touch,
and thoughts conceived by changing mind …
if thoughts and sense-perceptions are
absorbed within by understanding,
and appearances are formed
by mind’s expressive thoughts and acts …
then who, or what, am I?

- From the Upanishads

If you made it here, there is a reason. ...."From the inner being, through site, sound touch and feeling, are manifested the path. Windows and doors to the unknown, which always leads back to the inner being"...

A Documentary worth the watch --> Mother Nature's Child just a trailer

So what do you do?
Well, I dropped outta school and quit my job and amerced myself in my Passion and my Joy.
Whats your passion and joy?
Self inquiry self knowing, self realization.
So thats what you Love.
No, those are the things I do.
What I really Love, is myself. Completely wholly honestly and truly. Out of Love for myself, emerge my Passions and my Joys.

"I'm surprised to see you here. I thought you'd be busy punchin walls, watchin nascar, and jerking off to ufc fights" - dissonance

I have the soul of a monk, the heart of a hippie, I stand for Peace and Joy...
the best way Ive been described "Still waters run deep"

They say Im 21 but I dont feel Like a number.

"Do you think we smell high ?!"- ME

"Why did we think gay marriage and abortion seem so similar"

"When things click and give me the opportunity I take them"

"Bliss never resided in material things to begin with. It resides in the way you experience them. When there is peace and joy in your heart, the things and people you meet will give you peace and joy."

"Love yourself, and there will be no enemy. The only enemy there is, is yourself."
I Dont Go Against Life Or The Universe This Is Just What Came Out

Today I Smoked Up In Memory Of My Dad

Theres No Words That Can Describe This Moment

If you want to know ME..these are the highdeas you MUST READ
"A man who is not afraid is not aggressive, a man who has no sense of fear of any kind is really a free, a peaceful man. " - Jiddu Krishnamurti

Red: Okay, uh, he's at war right now with the Asians. They're, like, in a drug war, right now.
Dale: The Asians? What? What Asians?! Indians are technically Asians!
Saul: It's true.
"Let not your heart walk away from you, lest your mind grow legs and follow it." - Words of Patrick('s uncle Cletus)
"There are no imbalances to life, the only imbalances are in your dreams, wake up from your dreams and you will see, there are no imbalances" - ME
"Smoke Marijuana, attain Nirvana" - ME
"I have absolutely no obligation to society,
the only obligation is to myself to live the happiest, most joyfull life,with no encumbrances, imposed by society, others, or my own mind." - ME
Stewie: Uh, excuse me. It's been brought to my attention that a few bad apples out there are smoking marijuana.
Uh, I've got news for you my friend, marijuana's illegal. Not cool. Alright then...
Establishment, Establishment You always know what's best
From the crowd: You Suck!
Stewie: Learn the rules!
"I got a pet monkey called Charlie Chan" - Jimi Hendrix
"The nature of thought is just a bundle of ideas, experiences, judgments, and prejudices from the past, and ideas about the future, that cloud up the miss what is because of this. You have a ready set way to act in the now instead of re-acting naturally, you already have ideas to something that isnt, but it is, only because of these thoughts." - ME

"You have to believe in what you believe, otherwise you dont believe IN it, you just believe it." - 10/27/2011

After two hits of Mirage OG from my Gandalf Pipe (Ganjalf), I sprinkle a pinch of salvia into the bowl, and took two more hits. Soon after, I tapped into Super Consciousness. 11/10/11 4:42am to 5:32am


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