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This spatchka is going to be real horrorshow O my Brothers.
A Clockwork Orange. LOVE IT.

Anyway, hello folks and folkies, and welcome. My name is Sakkara and my bong's name is Louis. He is so named after Louis de Pointe du Lac and his green eyes. ..
Louis is my main man ❤

Love to play the Sims 2, have too many stuffed animals on my bed, and am a ferocious writer.
Hate bananas and tomatoes, TEAM XBOX FO LIFE, and wish people would talk about sex more openly. . .

Words I Like: Loquacious, Inevitable, Cunt-Bucket™, Vex, Livid, Prophylactic, Qwagswagging, Mid-Coitus, and Kitschy.

Please come stimulate me with conversation {send me a message loves}.



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