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This is a place where babies are hooked on drugs
Before they see the light of day
A land where doctors'll necessarily cut them out their mothers' stomachs
Just to make more pay
Their fathers run away
Consumed with the most ignorant shit you can think of
Cuz it's been dangled in front their faces like a carrot to an ass
But still they know better, they're just too scared to be outcasts
It ain't about past; let's talk present and future
Fuck presidents, what do you do with your power, your control?
Control yourself
Going dumb's not really a movement, you're really going dumb
Look at the shit they play on the radio
And got the nerve to wonder why rappers keep dying in the streets
Stop putting 2pac and Biggie on magazines until you understand the significance of why they died
Don't ya'll get it? Humans are bigger than they're supposed to be
Check yourself before you come out the house holdin' a piece,
Runnin' off at the mouth, sayin' trendy shit like “yes sir' and “yee yee'
Like it's the only thing you know
Yea, that shit is fun but don't let it be the only thing you know
Ultimately, it won't get you anywhere and trying to get out of here
Leave these bad lands behind, get in touch with my spirit, my body, and mind
Cuz I'm divine
And if no one ever told you you were, well you are

And that's it.


Hit up this song if you like chill beats and something to make you laugh :)

&If you've got some great (preferably undergroud) stoner beats show me! Send me a link. I dont care what kind of music it is, I'm open minded to anything :)



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