stoners generosity…

IN my drug education classes i met a guy whose 19 his names JC .. but my first day was wedsday and i show up and hes there just chillin waitin to go in and his legs are like trembling… i ask him why and he told me he had to walk 10 miles (one way!) in the texas heat to our class thats like an hour drive for me because of traffic and lights.. so we get smoke breaks every hour and we go outside we talk and hes raised up hard man like way rough makes my life seem extroidinary .. so we talk have a cigg and i find out he lives 10 min away from me.. so i offer him a drink from a gas station and a ride home .. he gets in and is like your serious? and i was like yeah man why would i let you walk that far knowing your right by my house.. needless to say our rides there an back have been epic toking listening to badass music i even stopped at krispy kreme tonight because hes never been ther in his life .. just sayin this would have never happend if we both didnt toke and how i know every stoner would do the same in my shoes .. one love everyone

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