Smoking Session with Yourselves..

I wish i could sit down with Past Me and Future Me and have a sweet all day smoking session..
Past Me wouldn’t know what to do or how to smoke so Future Me and I would have to teach me how to do it right.
Future Me and I would roll all the blunts and myself would have to sit back, watch and learn.
Future Me’s blunts would be 5 times prettier than mine but I didn’t know the difference cause i didnt smoke much.
Me, Myself, and I would get so high alone, then go out to eat at my favorite restaurant.
Once I got back Id pack my future bong with some future dank and smoke myselves numb, until it was time for me to leave. Id shake my hand as I was getting sucked into the future then id turn around and slap myself a high five as i fell back into the past. Then id just go back to smoking the dank bud i left myself and think about what just happened and if id ever smoke with myself again..

I want this to happen someday! ball’s in your court scientists.. please discover time travel

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