when i kill a spider in my basement i don't clean it up with a tissue. no. i leave it there so the rest of the spiders know not to f*** with me.


Thu, 04/29/2010 - 5:29pm
buckhoy Says:
Thu, 04/29/2010 - 5:43pm
Fri, 04/30/2010 - 8:57am
blazed420 Says:
Fri, 04/30/2010 - 9:55am
Eden Says:
Fri, 04/30/2010 - 6:08pm
BlewMyMind Says:

cuz theyre scary as fuck and they bite

Fri, 04/30/2010 - 11:44am

haha i posted a facebook post months ago "i leave the dead mosquitos on my wall to show the others not to fuck with me" you must be my evil twin

Fri, 04/30/2010 - 2:37pm
Fri, 04/30/2010 - 5:25pm
LuMoS Says:

Classic Intimidation move! Haven't seen that since Nam

Sat, 05/01/2010 - 9:24pm
Fri, 04/30/2010 - 5:46pm
APBT123 Says:

Or they learn to work together to get revenge...lol

Fri, 04/30/2010 - 6:14pm
mmaebrownn Says:
Fri, 04/30/2010 - 6:27pm
godlyskunk Says:

man catch them and smoke them out! spread the love :)


Fri, 04/30/2010 - 6:34pm
D34NL Says:
Fri, 04/30/2010 - 8:00pm
Kaenan Says:

fuck yeah

"People are naturally high all the time, its just they cannot realize it until they have smoked the herb"

Fri, 04/30/2010 - 9:50pm

i would have up voted but having your upvote count as 187 just suits this highdea lol

Bumps and Bruises, Blunts and Land Cruisers :)

Sat, 05/01/2010 - 1:40am
Sandycakes Says:

Hey now! I raise spiders. Cute, fuzzy spiders. Be nice!

Sat, 05/01/2010 - 4:57am
Sat, 05/01/2010 - 10:48am

I do the exact same thing, there's spider corpses everywhere.

Sat, 05/01/2010 - 7:22pm

good Highdea, but i know how to make it more effective in a convenient 4 point plan!
1.Trap spider or spiders and make sure there under a clear jar or cup so they can see out
2.let a spider out
3.light spider on fire then crush
4.all the spiders should see if process was done correctly and they should pack up and leave if not apopt a cat
5.just adopt a cat

Sat, 05/01/2010 - 8:58pm
Jayrome Says:

I have a spider cadaver under my bed for this reason.
since then ive never gotten bitten by another night spider

Sat, 05/01/2010 - 10:22pm
xhighguyx Says:

Dude there has seriously been a smushed spider on my ceiling for more than 2 years.

Sat, 05/01/2010 - 11:21pm
SoFaded Says:

i just catch the spiders and get em super duper high

-- Denver, CO --

Sun, 05/02/2010 - 1:14am
jfin408 Says:
Sun, 05/02/2010 - 2:18am
skarage420 Says:

dude who thinks of shyt like that but funny though lol

Wed, 05/12/2010 - 2:21pm
koko24 Says:

haha lmmfao thts funny ass hell...they wld be like ohh shit this guy is fckn crazy...lol(i cant stop laughing)

Sat, 10/30/2010 - 3:27pm
stonXd Says:

i do the same thing. i have a loft bed and one of those fuckers. brown recluse. decided to climb right over my head on my ceiling. i punched the fuck outa him. now i got a little brown smudge with legs sticking out of it on my ceiling. be warned.

Sat, 02/19/2011 - 9:14pm
aaronfox1 Says:
Fri, 04/15/2011 - 12:44am
Fri, 04/22/2011 - 3:36am

same here... how great would be to start putting them on little stakes medieval style!

Thu, 10/13/2011 - 11:49pm

Whoooa.... No need to kill spiders. They don't harm you, and in fact the rape mosquitos, who are real mother fuckers!

Thu, 03/01/2012 - 8:14am

I do that as well but I also like to blow smoke on them an watch em freak the fuck out.