Science proves life is better high

Well sort of. For those unfamiliar with the quantum principle of superposition, you should def look into it. But basically its saying that your consciousness creates your reality. But this is proven by quantum theory because when an electron is just chillin being an electron it behaves like a wave, but once it’s directly observed by a human, it acts like a particle. So what you see around you is only there because you see it. When you’re not looking at something it doesn’t exist as a real object, because its just a wave (you can’t see waves. Therefore your consciousness creates your reality, and by doing so, a good mindset may very well alter the way you perceive your reality, essentially changing it for yourself. A person just needs to learn to use more than the 6% of the brain that humans use now. Science says suck on that everyone else!

Furthermore, this means that tripping really could be reality. When you take a hallucinogen, you experience things you were otherwise unable to experience. Things like sights and sounds. But stay with me on this. What if the side effect of those drugs was simply making your more conscious, and nothing else. There are no chemical reactions going on in the brain because of them, or there may be, but all its doing to our brain is making us more self aware and more conscious. This would explain why we see all of those crazy things. Our brain has simply reached a higher self awareness so we are able to perceive more of our reality. All that crazy trippy shit was always there, but our brains weren’t competent enough to translate all of the information into a form we can understand. Mind-altering drugs = increased consciousness, therefor we can detect the otherwise undetectable.

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