every time i smell this certain kind of liquid hand soap (depends on the restaurant).. it brings me back to elementary school where we used the same soap.. and all at once, i'm reminded that i was once a kid wandering the halls and playground of my old school (back in mid 90s).. anyone know what i'm talking about?


Mon, 04/04/2011 - 9:11pm

Yes! I think its scientifically proven that certain scents trigger certain memories but I could have just seen it on csi or something haha.

Tue, 03/20/2012 - 3:23pm
Spanki Says:

I wouldn't doubt it, our mind is strongly based off of our interpretations and associations.

Tue, 03/20/2012 - 3:43pm

holy.fucking.shit. i get the same thing with handsoap!!! we used to have like big jugs of this soap in preschool, and everytime i smell it, i picture myself like 2 feet tall in preschool reaching for the soap and washing my hands. this is like the only smell that i do this with...

Mon, 04/04/2011 - 9:12pm

Fuck! Meant to upvote. I know exactly what you mean

Mon, 04/04/2011 - 9:17pm

it's cool bro.. this is the first time people have commented on my highDEA so i think ppl really feel me on this one

Mon, 04/04/2011 - 9:16pm

yea! cuz i remember learning in school that a smell can trigger a memory better than any other sense (sight, touch, sound, whatever).. Crazy right? it's like when i smell that soap, i can recall stuff from back then that i never knew i remembered.. and its instantaneous and non-voluntary.. crazyy

Mon, 04/04/2011 - 9:36pm

Man I know exactly what you mean! I'll smell something and it'll remind me of something I completely forgot about until then!!! It is crazy.

Mon, 03/19/2012 - 12:35pm
65musdank Says:

Music too... I get the taste and smell of yay when I listen to certain songs. THAT shits
Crazy... At least to me, just cus of how MUCH I can actually taste it.. Ewww
I <3 Matyjane<333

Mon, 03/19/2012 - 1:31pm

Axe reminds me of middle school. Fuck axe.

Mon, 04/04/2011 - 9:18pm

Same shit happens to me. Except with peppermint and my grandmas house when i was really young.

Mon, 04/04/2011 - 9:23pm
Bluebird92 Says:

That happens to me when i smell different types of deodorant - it takes me back to the time when I consistently wore that deodorant. I really love it actually, i hope it still works as well when i'm older! haha

Tue, 03/06/2012 - 11:35am

I'm very smell sensitive...things i smell remind me of long ago places and times

Sat, 03/17/2012 - 11:30pm

exact same thing happens to me! elementary school & everything

Sun, 03/18/2012 - 1:06pm

...is it the pink kind? because if so i have this experience all the time. that and the slight puke smell of brown paper towels remind me of my elementary days

Tue, 03/20/2012 - 5:58pm

lol i think it is the pink kind. but ALSO the orange kind.. and yea the paper towels of course i been smelling those my whole life lol

Sun, 03/18/2012 - 3:55pm
kharmatika Says:

YES! the pink stuff that smelled kinda like cough syrup before you washed your hands, then smelled like soap after! i love that stuff! and the scratchy brown paper towels! better days...

Mon, 03/19/2012 - 12:57am
stockstew Says:

Same with certain colognes I used to wear

Mon, 03/19/2012 - 5:43am

I am fairly sensitive to smell, so a lot of smells trigger a lot of memories for me. But I'm grateful for it.

Mon, 03/19/2012 - 10:05am

When ever i smell Dial soap or peppermint it reminds me of my grandma's house!

Mon, 03/19/2012 - 10:12am

I feel ya. I like the way Christmas smells.

Mon, 03/19/2012 - 10:16am
Tibbs420 Says:

Every once in a while I'll catch a whiff of a smell I recognize but wont be able to tell what it is despite an overwhelming sense of familiarity

Mon, 03/19/2012 - 10:18am
Merryjuana Says:
Mon, 03/19/2012 - 12:48pm

Sometimes, there is this really awesome vanilla-y smell that happens in the inside of hard, plastic balls, like the ones that are filled with water and glitter and when they bust, you can get that smell. it reminds me of daycare when i was a kid. I was always smelling this glitter ball thing because it smelled like vanilla or something good like that lol.

yeah, yeah, balls.

Mon, 03/19/2012 - 1:05pm
frpenguin Says:

I was born in France but I live in Minnesota. I travel to France every year for about a month at a time. I often find myself smelling things that remind me of France more than anything else. Fucking love that place.

Mon, 03/19/2012 - 11:18pm
bowlski Says:

dude i used to live in france when i was a kid! whenever i smell lavender it reminds me of my time spent there

Mon, 03/19/2012 - 1:35pm

i get this when i smell a certain type of hand sanitizer. i remember in 3rd grade everyday before lunch the teacher would make us put some on. i always remembered since it was lunch time that my stomach would be growling while i put on the hand sanitzer, so now whenever i smell it sometimes my stomach growls....weird.

Mon, 03/19/2012 - 3:15pm

Same with music. The place i heard that song is always what i think of when i listen to it!

Mon, 03/19/2012 - 3:16pm

Hell yeah dude. Kindergarten rooms have a certain smell and whenever i smell like crayons or something it reminds me of that or like how oranges smell reminds me of when i went to florida. And whenever i try explaining this shit to people there like wtf??

Mon, 03/19/2012 - 7:14pm

does the way lighting is in a place ever trigger anyone's memory?

Mon, 03/19/2012 - 7:15pm

i was too high to figure out the answer to the captcha thing and now i feel so guilty that i couldn't answer the question. i got a complex just from trying to comment on someone's highdea.

Mon, 03/19/2012 - 7:16pm

and THEN completely forgot what I was trying to comment in the first place.

Mon, 03/19/2012 - 7:52pm

If I shut my eyes and someone whiffed me with "car crash" scent I could get it in a snap hahaha

Mon, 03/19/2012 - 9:30pm
skittles14 Says:

Whenever I smell milk I think of my middle school

Mon, 03/19/2012 - 9:55pm
on-yeah Says:

I know exactly what you mean! I had the same thing happen to me when I went to the mall and they had the same soap as my elementary school. It tripped me out, went down memory lane for a minute!

Mon, 03/19/2012 - 11:13pm
DankStuff Says:

yeah dude totally, whenever I walk by fish at the grocery store, i'-m totally dremindd of your girlfriend...

CROSDFADED mothafuckas cant even ytpe write

Mon, 03/19/2012 - 11:44pm

This happens to me with taste. Everytime i get this certain taste in my mouth it reminds me of the past summer.

Tue, 03/20/2012 - 1:36am
4dub Says:

Whenever I smell certain types of weed, it reminds me of other times I have been high on the same strain. Good shit. Upvote.

Tue, 03/20/2012 - 8:58am

Dam dude when i smell the scent of orange peels boiled with cinnamon it brings me back to my childhood playing with action figures as my mom cleans the house

Tue, 03/20/2012 - 12:32pm
Grapy Says:

Is it that orangish yellow color soap? cause i totally fucking rememeber that it smelled sooo good and now it always reminds me of elementary school

Tue, 03/20/2012 - 6:04pm
Tue, 03/20/2012 - 2:57pm

I feel you muncheeseburger. Love that name haha.

Tue, 03/20/2012 - 10:22pm
DanMc Says:

every time I smell lotion.... never mind

Tue, 03/20/2012 - 10:58pm
noelani Says:

the human brain is able to remember a smell longer than an image or a sound.

Tue, 03/20/2012 - 10:59pm
noelani Says:

the human brain is able to remember a smell longer than an image or a sound.

Wed, 03/21/2012 - 12:11am

Retrieval cues are what all these senses that trigger memory are called