My Taco Bell Experience (Short story)

So if you remember,(I know you don’t,) I posted a highDEA saying that I have NEVER been to Taco Bell.
Last night, me and a few friends went on a blunt ride to Taco Bell.
About 4 blunts in, we get there.We go in and our eyes are all scorched, but we decided to order anyways.I was the last one to order, but instead of ordering I explained to the Cashier that i had never eaten there. He told me that he’d make my order and I was fine with that. So our food comes out and I check my bag. In it there was a Cheesey Chicken wrap on a soft taco with that delicious sauce, 2 soft tacos with cheese and some other chicken wrap thing. I check the recipt and on the back there was a big 420. This man obviously knew we were blazed. When we were about to leave I put out last blunt in a napkin and gave it to the guy.

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