Microwave-equivalent cooling device

Anytime you need to warm some cold soup or anything, you just use the microwave. TA DA, cold becomes hot in seconds to minutes.

What we need is an equivalent cooling device that can chill or freeze an item of food or drink in seconds to minutes. The fridge/freezer can do this in minutes to hours, but sometimes the game is about to start and your beer is still room temperature! Unacceptable…I mean you can put a man on the moon but you can’t chill your damned beer in a timely fashion?!

Microwaves excite water molecules in whatever is in there, making them vibrate faster and making the item hotter. A reverse effect probably needs a different mode of acting, maybe not with microwaves. Wait, what if the wave is out of phase?!?

*madly scribbling equations on a blackboard*

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