So i promised my brother id smoke him out today. hes 13 and has wanted to smoke scene he was 11. so i told him to go upstairs and grab what he wanted to smoke out of and come down here.

So he comes downstairs with not zig-zags not a pipe either but my FUCKING bong. I told him are you sure i mean its your first time little bro? He said "FUCK YEAH". Well i started to pack the bowl and i lit it up and showed him how to hit it. he was all ready and shit soo he takes the hit and literally right as he inhales this MONSTER hit he coughs his little balls off.
4 minutes later i ask him you wanna hit it again he replies "Is that a question" i was proud:D

So 20 minutes later he ate 3 bowls of cereal,9slices of pizza, and a crunch rap! He now wants to smoke everyday with me i told him tomorrow its a wake n bake.


Wed, 03/23/2011 - 3:32pm

damn i wish i had a single family member that smoked
my whole family is a bunch of:
A) super up-tight conservative ass clowns


B) hypocrits who drink their livers to death but condemn the herb

maybe i'm not really related to them....

anyway, what a badass of a little brother, i'm jealous lol

Tue, 04/24/2012 - 8:44pm

thats the same with my family its awful.

Tue, 04/24/2012 - 10:08pm
joey134 Says:
Wed, 04/25/2012 - 10:00am

The only one who smokes with me is my cat and dog.

Wed, 04/25/2012 - 9:41pm

Im on the same page as you guys man
maybe we should all form together and be our own family!
now theres a highdea :D

Wed, 03/23/2011 - 3:37pm

my bad dude i didn't mean to downvote it i meant to upvote

Wed, 03/23/2011 - 3:39pm
highbyme Says:

no problem i upvoted your yyeah shits hard when your high

Wed, 04/25/2012 - 12:14pm

I meant to downvote. Ridiculous to smoke your brother out when he's 13. THATS THE TIME IN LIFE WHEN YOU STILL THINK LIFE IS AWESOME! he should be going outside, making forts, riding bikes. He's way to young to smoke.

Wed, 04/25/2012 - 9:17pm
highronic Says:

I'm with you rangerfox532, i think 13 is a bit young, i didn't try it till i was 15 and didn't smoke alot till i was 18.

Wed, 03/23/2011 - 5:36pm

Haha..I wonder what smoking with my little bro would be like..

Wed, 03/23/2011 - 5:45pm
highbyme Says:

haha..if hes ever asked you to smoke him out do it :D
and if he hasnt STILL DO IT :D (offer)

Tue, 03/29/2011 - 11:23pm

lol Once he turns 13 ima see what his thoughts are... Then if he wants to I will (dude wheres the reply button!)

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 5:55pm
Tue, 04/24/2012 - 3:48pm
Tue, 04/24/2012 - 10:25pm
Wed, 04/25/2012 - 1:05am
Tue, 04/24/2012 - 1:22pm
manalv93 Says:

i hope your brother dosent want to do it everyday because i feel like he is to young for that

Wed, 04/25/2012 - 1:54am
bowlski Says:

if by "alright" you mean his brain didnt turn into oatmeal and seep out of his ears, then yeah, i'm sure hes just dandy

Wed, 04/25/2012 - 8:58am

since he was 5...get real.
im sorry theres definetly an age at which your too young to smoke weed. 13 is too young too, why dont you introduce him to ecstasy while your at it.

Tue, 04/24/2012 - 1:59pm
Cz93 Says:

Dont smoke ur bro out everyday hes 13 for gods sake

Tue, 04/24/2012 - 11:18pm

He's right, you should be smoking me out instead

Tue, 04/24/2012 - 3:48pm

Note to OP: If you're ever talking about your little brother, never say "he coughs his little balls off"

Wed, 04/25/2012 - 10:26am
pwnage Says:

coconuthead at it again with the random kinky comments!

Tue, 04/24/2012 - 4:07pm
taca1212 Says:

I felt happy for our new little stoner.

Tue, 04/24/2012 - 6:53pm
Tue, 04/24/2012 - 7:03pm
Wards Says:

Smoking when your brain is not full developed is very bad for you and can leave permanent "marks".
The older you get(until your brain is fully developed), the better your brain will be able to avoid these things.

As users of cannabis, we must not forgot the downsides of the plant.
Even though they are mostly wayed up by the good sides.

Kid just want's to be like his brother.
Let him be like that, in a few years.

If i had a brother, i'd do the right thing and make sure he doesn't smoke until hes older.

Tue, 04/24/2012 - 7:32pm
manalv93 Says:
Tue, 04/24/2012 - 7:31pm
bambino404 Says:
Tue, 04/24/2012 - 9:59pm
incompl Says:

What are you basing this on? I want to see some scientific research. I'm pretty sure Marijuana has no effect on the development of your brain.

Tue, 04/24/2012 - 10:11pm
Wards Says:

You being pretty sure that cannabis cant hurt the brain development is based on what?

I'd happily find some links for you.
Just give me a bit of time

Wed, 04/25/2012 - 1:13am

Yeah as much of I love it I'm not even gonna pretend inhaling ashes and smoke is good for your lungs

Tue, 04/24/2012 - 7:31pm

I honestly believe that smoking that young should NOT be allowed. You're gonna mess up his brain.

Tue, 04/24/2012 - 7:40pm
Trunks Says:

Fuck that I'm 13 years old have been smoking since I was 11 and im in advanced classes and go into class stoned atleast 3 times a week and I smoke almost everyday unfortunatley my dealer ran out and the public bus drove past me like an ass hole

Tue, 04/24/2012 - 8:56pm
Wards Says:

Then just imagine what you could have done without the use of cannabis in such an early age?
You might not care now because you can't feel the downsides of it, but just wait it.

Sat, 08/09/2014 - 5:54pm
MagicMalik Says:

I have heard that it could be bad for people at such a young age, but i'm not so sure because i'm kind of living proof of the opposite. I started messing around with bud at 13 and started smoking everyday at 15 (summer after freshman year) I then tried acid for the first time the next spring (This I would not recommend until your older but still a great experience). Anyway I am going to be a senior in high school this year have been blazing up very regularly for over two years. I took the ACT this last spring and I got a 29 and I have been taking advanced classes all through high school but maybe I am just an exception . Not trying to show off by the way just bringing up my experiences as they were related to the subject.

Wed, 04/25/2012 - 1:56am
bowlski Says:

...yet you still don't know how to use punctuation lol

Tue, 04/24/2012 - 7:34pm
Trunks Says:
Tue, 04/24/2012 - 7:43pm

jesus christ is your bro obese i dont care how much i smoked i couldnt eat that much

Tue, 04/24/2012 - 7:56pm
thcjimily Says:
Tue, 04/24/2012 - 8:37pm
goof Says:
Tue, 04/24/2012 - 8:38pm

I wish I had a badass little bro like that! Tell him congrats for becomming more awesome:)

Tue, 04/24/2012 - 9:06pm
sanchez75 Says:

damn!! thats a good story! haha the munchies part made me LOL!! best part of the story!

Tue, 04/24/2012 - 9:38pm

Damn the 1st time I fired up my bro which he was 14 he thought he was in like a tv screen thinkin he was in a cartoon n we only smoked a blunt

Tue, 04/24/2012 - 9:52pm

Thats how me and my brother are. We be blazin every day

Tue, 04/24/2012 - 10:05pm
Wards Says:
Tue, 04/24/2012 - 11:35pm

i logged on my account just to type this, what is your problem you have soo much negativity... also i would love this link to where it messes with your brain cause ive had to write 2 reports on school on cannabis sativa and havn't found legit research saying it causes brain damage. not trying to argue but this is a site of peace. and you're mainly being a douche

Tue, 04/24/2012 - 10:00pm
DasBooooze Says:

.....My little brother started smoking when he was about that age too. Now he is in and out of juvey every week. I hope you have a responsible little brother OP, cuz I sure don't.

Tue, 04/24/2012 - 11:27pm

I web I had a little brother to smoke with that's awesome

Tue, 04/24/2012 - 11:53pm

thats the age my sister first smoked me out at! you to will forever have a stronger bond

Wed, 04/25/2012 - 12:15am