Jeez Highdeas.

Sorry for bitching, but its getting a little ridiculous now. On page 1 of the popular page right now, theres 6 unoriginal highdeas( all of which were not given credit where its due). 1 highdea about a girl asking why she cant find a guy who smokes weed, likes to eat food, play video games, and enjoys sex( um, isnt that EVERY single stoner guy in the world almost?). And ofcourse, a highdea bashing Justin Beiber for no reason and wanting to kill him or something.

What happened to you highdeas? You use to be cool. I love highdeas more than most people, and im coming less and less on this site because of this, I can only imagine what people who only liked highdeas are doing( my guess is not coming that much at all anymore).

alright im done my bitching. Upvote this, downvote this, do whatever the fuck you want. I dont care. I just needed to say this.

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