i wonder how kids think

because I am a single mom I spend alot of my time with my son, usually I’ll go smoke a few bowls while he is napping and he tends to wake up when i come back inside. I always understand him waaaay better when im high. He is also way nicer, he’ll be like mom lets get some sweet tea!, and me (being very high) naturally agrees with him thinking thats the best idea he could ever have because I love to drink sweet tea when im all blazed. we also watch trippy cartoons like courage the cowardly dog and when im high i laugh at all the same parts he does that on a normal basis i would be like wth is goin on here. lol long story short, kids are happy and simple with the basics. When im high i think that we are on very similar wavelengths. enjoying the simple things in life and being amused with the most illogical things as well as being worry free and relaxed. a kids mind is similar to an adults when they are high, in those positive aspects anyway. so be nice to kids when ur high, they know where ur at…

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