I Am Stoner

We are Stoner.
We go to work everyday.
We’ve thought about life more than you can understand.
We’ve values that you overlook.
We are the ones who hold your hair while your poison ejects itself.
We are the ones who can talk to the cop, since you can’t even stand.
We are prosecuted by those who are jealous of our zeal.
We don’t need help or your opinion, or that new fancy liver.

We are understanding, compassionate and forgiving. If the laws changed tomorrow, we would not hold spite for all the years or harassment.
We are joyous, happy and outgoing. Not only do we love the greatness we have found in life, but feel compelled to share it with you as well.
We are dependable, chivalrous and loyal. We don’t smoke to much pot and accidentally screw our best friends girlfriend.
We are accepting, trusting and doubtless. Ethnicity? Race? Social status? Don’t worry about all that, sit down and have a toke with us.

W will not give up. We will survive your trials. We will endure your lies. And sooner or later, we will win.
We are all together. We all accept each other. We are all one.
We are Stoner.

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