I love learning, but I hate being told what to learn.


Tue, 05/08/2012 - 7:04pm

what if somebody told you you had to learn how to trim buds and make hash for at a marijuana farm?

Tue, 05/08/2012 - 11:14pm
Wed, 05/09/2012 - 10:03am

What if somebody told you you had to learn how to love learning would you love it or not?...

Thu, 05/10/2012 - 5:21pm
Tue, 05/08/2012 - 8:40pm
SoClose Says:

Story of my life.

Who would've thought that a highschool drop out with straight Fs with a dumbass stamp learned quantum mechanics and specializes on metaphysics.

but hey kids, drugs are bad, absolutely no benefits whatsoever!......mmmhhhhhhkaaay.

Wed, 05/09/2012 - 6:36pm

Dude! I'm a total quantum physics nerd too! Things on the quantum level are soooo mindfucking when your high, because a lot of the laws of normal physics seem to no longer apply.

Sat, 04/20/2013 - 11:40pm
nda928 Says:

Your picture, username and occupation made me read your comment in a very different accent

Tue, 05/08/2012 - 9:16pm
rathy_wong Says:

These words came out of my mouth the other day

Tue, 05/08/2012 - 9:15pm

yea I hate regurgitating information I couldn't give any more fucks to care about. school is all memory, only reason I do well cause I don't give a shit otherwise what I'm learning, except math and science classes, those I actually care about cause they apply to life every day and knowledge of them makes you understand the universe to a better extent.

Fuck facebook as well: http://highdeas.com/hd/The_Facebook_Campaign

hate to spam, but People Need To Know What They Are Doing To Themselves.


Thu, 05/10/2012 - 10:37pm
nurplette Says:

Other classes apply to your life as well, if not more than a lot of science and math classes. Calculus, I never took, but I don't think it applied to my life at all. English obviously is affecting me as I type this. French class helped me learn my country's other language. Physical education helped me stay fit and not be a tub of lard. Geography and world events classes helped me stay informed and not ignorant to the world outside my suburban neighbourhood.

Knowledge is power! :D

Thu, 05/10/2012 - 11:07pm

Of course they apply, I was just saying science and math is how the world functions though. That's super funny though about P.E., cause PE actually turned me off of working out for a while cause I don't like being told what to do. Many others apply to life, specifically I just finished a relationships & sexuality class (hell yea done with high school after two more finals tomorrow) that helped me understand so much about myself and others it's not even funny. Some of it I was just like, "come on, really?" cause of the BS of it, but a lot of it was really interesting.

Tue, 05/08/2012 - 9:19pm
Tue, 05/08/2012 - 10:57pm
Merryjuana Says:

IS HE RIGHT OR IS HE RIGHT??? I've always wanted to be an auto mechanic but they waste my time teaching me biology.

Wed, 05/09/2012 - 10:24pm
Spanki Says:

how would you if you didnt like biology before you started learning it? they are just trying to give you more doors to open..thank them

Thu, 05/10/2012 - 12:07am
Merryjuana Says:

You don't thank your captors for torture.

Wed, 05/09/2012 - 4:09am
kbills Says:

I think the big mistake in schools is trying to teach children anything, and using fear as the basic motivation. Interest can produce learning on a scale to fear as an explosion to a firecracker

Wed, 05/09/2012 - 6:23pm

At my high school, they offer a shitload of classes, and then (starting sophomore year) you can choose what you take. My science class right now, for instance, is "Light, Color, and Vision," a great stoner class about why we see color and light.

Thu, 05/10/2012 - 9:45am
Wed, 05/09/2012 - 10:13pm

You my friend, have just been quoted on a Facebook status.

Thu, 05/10/2012 - 11:00pm
Fri, 05/11/2012 - 8:40am
TheBunk420 Says:

Best feeling ever: being the 420th upvote!!!!! :DDDD

Sun, 05/20/2012 - 9:14pm

Fuck Math. I can spend all day learning about hydroponics!

Wed, 05/30/2012 - 12:30pm
mfloyd420 Says:
Wed, 11/28/2012 - 6:10pm

School: where you are forced to memorize pointless information so you don't fail