420 is just a number. It's not magical, and really shouldn't have meaning to us. Yes, I know the story behind it. But I believe 420 has run its course. It's completely overdone. I mean, 420 had a special meaning to those college kids, because the was the only real chance they had to smoke. But the majority of us have way more time to smoke. So the time really isn't that special. It's just a number. It's like being obsessed withe the number 23. Pointless. That's just my opinion on it.

Now for the highDEA.

What if people actually gave a fuck? Think about it. How much better would this world be, if people care? Instead of just saying "Who gives a fuck?" What if we actually made the effort to make a difference instead of trying to put on a front by appearing apathetic to impress people? I've decided I give a fuck. That's why I'm making efforts to either be a cop (let's face it, we need more stoner cops) or a journalist.


Sun, 11/06/2011 - 10:32pm

I basically agree.
On April 20th I'm still going to the Art Gallery downtown, and smoking a glorious blunt infront of a cop.
No repercussions, bitches!

But yeah, the new stoner number is officially "Eleventeen".
Jesus told me so.

Sun, 11/06/2011 - 11:07pm

lmao. omg guys its eleventeen! time to light up! :D

Mon, 11/07/2011 - 1:37am

Hahahahaha, I think "twelveteen" is funny too.

Wed, 01/04/2012 - 5:05pm

Deadmau5 gives a flying a fuck!


Fri, 11/11/2011 - 7:08pm

as long as their in their teens im game...

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 12:45pm

I'm Chris Hansen.
Take a seat over here.

Sun, 11/13/2011 - 11:50pm

i was just going to talk, i swear. . .

Mon, 11/14/2011 - 8:57pm

Well then, what are you doing with this wine stored in a coca-cola can?
Most famously used by one MR. MICHAEL JACKSON! I believe it's referred to as "Jesus Juice".

You scoundrel.

Sun, 01/01/2012 - 8:14pm
Gizmodo Says:

this conversation right here is why i love reading comments on highdeas

Sat, 12/31/2011 - 12:16pm

Well yeah it's defiantly thrown around way to much but in certain situations 420 comes in handy. Take 420 friendly. That's a not so shady yet, shady enough way for stores and shops to let you know whats up. Smoking at 4:20 and screaming it all the time is dumb but you can't deny the number carries weight...you know because of the implication http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ar9spNzOFPk

Thu, 01/05/2012 - 5:19pm
Elnicko Says:

First off I would like to say I havent seen 3 good highdeas on the popular page at the same time in a while, your highdea was number three, thanks dude.
The date 4/20 will always have some sweet memories attached to it, for me anyways.
The time 4:20, the story with those college kids, I know what your saying.
Ironically enough I get out of school around three, and after the walk home, take a shit, and grab something to eat, it's usually 4:20, and my parents are still gone leaving a window of opportunity at that time. I would assume more than just a handful of students have this happen to them, so I think the time can have meaning if your a student, college or not.

Mon, 11/07/2011 - 4:35pm

ok, i have 1 problem with this. the answer to the universe is 42. enough said.

Fri, 11/11/2011 - 2:33pm
ThaBraze Says:

10 times. 420 is not the sum of 100 and 42. It's the product of 10 and 42 or 100 and 4.2.

Fri, 11/11/2011 - 4:16pm
ThaBraze Says:

I got drunk and did my math homework. I did pretty well, according to my teacher. But I was only a bit buzzed.

Fri, 11/11/2011 - 8:30pm
ThaBraze Says:

I figured. I'm not too much of a drinker, so I never really get more than buzzed. I almost have a fear of sickness. But I do get high as fuck a lot.

Fri, 12/09/2011 - 3:57am
nap0222 Says:
Wed, 01/04/2012 - 11:41am

Cos(420)= sin(theta*alpha)^5-8.8453294(.5)+ csc(alpha)

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 12:36pm
Seerofderp Says:
Sat, 11/12/2011 - 12:48pm

42.0 is still NOT 420. See the decimal? It's still just 42.

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 5:33pm
ThaBraze Says:

42, however, is a factor of 420. But then again, so is 3, and no one gives to much of a shit about that number.

Sun, 11/13/2011 - 12:35am
Sun, 11/13/2011 - 2:47am
ThaBraze Says:
Sun, 11/13/2011 - 2:24pm
Sat, 12/31/2011 - 7:45pm
Tue, 01/03/2012 - 1:01pm

(3x^2-27)(8x^2) 6
------------------------= -12x
4(9-3x) (x^2+3x)

i mean, since we're throwing math out there

Wed, 01/04/2012 - 4:40pm
ninjatoker Says:

to go with this other math

girls=timeXmoney and
time=money so
girls=moneyXmoney= money squared and
money=root of evil so
girls=square root of evil

so girls are evil

and yea i stole this im not a mathamagician

Wed, 01/04/2012 - 7:34pm

Some Old Hippy Came Around Here Tripping On Acid

Fri, 01/06/2012 - 1:22am
4-206 Says:

that was probably a homework question, wasnt it?

Wed, 11/09/2011 - 9:33pm

wtf?? 42 + 100 = 142 not 420. its 10x but whatever

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 10:10pm

I never claimed to be a mathematician. Plus, I was tipsy during that comment. :)

Wed, 01/04/2012 - 3:12pm
MONSTAR420 Says:

I ain't no mathematician more like a stoney musician!!!! KMK

Fri, 11/11/2011 - 3:07pm

i dont give a fuck about the number 420! What if people actually gave a fuck?

Fri, 11/11/2011 - 5:35pm

Now you see, that's taking things out of context. I was just stating that 420 is just a number, and people treat it like its a sign from the heavens, or something.

Fri, 11/11/2011 - 8:48pm

420 highdeas are lame as shit and are usually submitted by people who lack imagination who just want to post something that will get votes. Be original and create something of your own that isn't just about a fucking number

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 12:47pm
Sat, 11/12/2011 - 4:32pm
boedo Says:

when i was in 6th grade i would always notice the number 126 wether it was on a clock, peice of paper or whatever. made me paranoid as hell lol

Sun, 11/13/2011 - 12:36am

420 makes people happy, whats wrong with that?

Sun, 11/13/2011 - 2:23pm

It's just overdone. I'm tired of seeing "420 420 420 420" every which way. People think it's the epitome of stonership or something. It's saddening, to think one would need a number to validate themselves.

Sat, 11/19/2011 - 7:55pm
tbdm6572 Says:

For sure, it kind of pisses me off... although sometimes, like how my Computer Science class ends at 4:20... So I just laugh

Mon, 11/28/2011 - 10:07am
Strahn☮ Says:

When you're having a blaze at 4:20 and you think about all the people over the country that are lighting up at that exact moment. It's an awesome feeling man.

Thu, 01/05/2012 - 12:10am

You can do that no matter what time of day it is.

Thu, 01/05/2012 - 1:32am
sidewalk Says:
Wed, 12/07/2011 - 12:25pm
Tom_Dunn Says:

Bro it's fucking tradition. Like Columbus Day. We should celebrate accordingly. You just don't get it.

Sat, 12/31/2011 - 3:10pm

Seriously, whats wrong with having a holiday to celebrate?

Thu, 01/05/2012 - 12:37pm

I get it. The excessiveness just annoys me. I love Christmas. And Halloween. But I don't obsess over them on a daily basis, you know? If you want a holiday, there should be a name, not a number.

In the end, I was just expressing my opinion on the matter. I realize that not everyone will agree. Ironically, I got the 420 question on CAPTCHA.

Tue, 01/03/2012 - 6:07am
Thu, 01/05/2012 - 12:09am

4/20 isn't our Christmas. Christmas is our Christmas.

Tue, 01/03/2012 - 11:34am
Mr.Wobbles Says:

I agree with you completely, but think of it this way; It's just one more reason to light up a fat bowlski :)

Wed, 01/04/2012 - 11:43am

I'm sittin at the doctors office stoned, all I can say is, thank you everyone who just helped me burn some time by reading these comments

Wed, 01/04/2012 - 2:32pm