As I was reading through all of these superb boxes of brilliance, I noticed one thing that many people don't realize nowadays.
We as a generation are total badasses! Like If we were all forced to be super religious and all that shit like how it was back in the day, we wouldn't have such awesome ideas that were shared with other free ideas from minds to make free mind babies or whatever that see's both sides of everything in life, instead of being so closed minded....
Make sense?
I hope so because this could be something beautiful.


Fri, 04/11/2014 - 3:11pm
bakayurei Says:

you've gotten that backwards, people weren't afraid of new ideas back in what i'll guess you mean the dark ages, people have always been curious and people have always been prone to getting stuck on dogma, and many historians believe that the dark ages were a much freer time for putting ideas around than e.g. the 'enlightened' victorian age, when pretty much all of science was inflexible dogma.. and that's just europe, you're ignoring india, china, the middle east, civilization wasn't invented by white people.. but maybe we're now in another renaissance, we still have our scientific and philosophical dogmas and our religious fundamentalists trying to drag everyone else down to their level, but yea, there are a lot more educated people in the world these days with a lot more content in their heads to play around with