Sat through someone speaking and at every thing they say or point they make you say wow your retarded or what the fuck are you high? cause i hate when people dont know what the fuck they are talkin about that really grinds my gears.......


Sun, 08/14/2011 - 8:30pm

lol i felt this way in class the other day...and when you dont know them very well you have to just be nice. but inside your like omg stfu. hahah

Mon, 08/15/2011 - 1:06am
Schap Says:

sounds like your just a dick, calling people retarded. everyone has their opinion

Mon, 08/15/2011 - 2:50am
VyGee Says:

ya but when people use their opinions as facts, and THEN on top of that totally ignore the proof that proves they're wrong, i think thats what he means is retarded.

Mon, 08/15/2011 - 1:23am

You know what really grinds my gears....Lindsay Lohan, Like what are doing, do you wanna have sex? or what? Yeah that really grinds my gears.

Mon, 08/15/2011 - 1:33am
atari_ Says:

I agree, people who think they know what they're talking about can be annoying. But it's best to not let it get to you and just learn to laugh and let them make fools of themselves.

But HEY, don't be relating weed to people like that. People do that high or not. Being high doesn't affect a person's intelligence level. Some of the greatest minds on the planet smoke weed on the daily.

Mon, 08/15/2011 - 4:50am
swinefluze Says:
Mon, 08/15/2011 - 2:55am

There are a lot of people who speak on subjects of which they are not knowledgeable. And it aggravates the shit outa me lol. Some people really do believe everything they hear on the internet.

Mon, 08/15/2011 - 3:50am
Somebudddy Says:
Mon, 08/15/2011 - 3:18am
DubLove Says:

why is it not okay for this guy to say his opinion thinking people can be annoying....but its okay for you guys to call him a prick.....isnt this him just speaking his mind like the other people are? dont be hating if you dont like his post then just move on to the next need for hate posts....

Mon, 08/15/2011 - 4:55pm

Hey opinions are like assholes everyone has one lol i just post my opinions and nobody tends to think about theres