isn't even important to me anymore, I'm a girl, and if I met another girl with size F boobs, I would stare at them a lot too. Gifts are meant to be flaunted, am I right? Everyone loves boobs. And weed.


Wed, 02/29/2012 - 9:42pm

F's may be a little bit too big but I wouldn't be able to keep eye contact lol

Wed, 02/29/2012 - 9:48pm

Tell me about it! And they are natural, but the always draw attention no matter where I go!

Tue, 06/12/2012 - 12:55pm
Gizmodo Says:

i'm sorry, but your highdea and this comment sounds like such a cry for a popular highdea. you mentioned being a girl, having boobs, having f sized boobs, everyone loves boobs, and how you don't care if people stare at your boobs...

Wed, 06/13/2012 - 2:13pm

can i snort a line of kief off your phat titz?

Fri, 06/15/2012 - 3:48am
Rivrfreak Says:
Wed, 06/13/2012 - 6:48pm
Bruce_Lee Says:
Thu, 06/14/2012 - 1:30am

Hmm well considering I created this post in february, I really don't care about how many votes I get. Just saying.

Thu, 06/14/2012 - 1:53am
HighGuy11 Says:

considering you don't have a profile picture, i'm gonna go ahead and say you don't have size F's... either that or you do and your fat lol. just saying

Thu, 06/14/2012 - 2:03am

I do have a profile picture, do you not see it? I am not fat and I do have big boobs. Genetics

Thu, 06/14/2012 - 11:15am
nurplette Says:

But boobs are made of fat. If genetics gave you more boob than your average lady, then genetics gave you more fat than your average lady.

Thu, 06/14/2012 - 11:21am

I guess you're right huh? Well my body isn't fat.....I am curvy, but still a size 8. I'm not ultra thin, but not crazy fat either.

Thu, 06/14/2012 - 10:33pm
Thu, 07/05/2012 - 6:59am

Wheres the proof....... Wow that just reminded me of the "wheres the beef" commercial

Wed, 06/13/2012 - 6:08pm
tomidemi Says:

guys take a look at this, you can't trust in people anymore

Wed, 06/13/2012 - 10:46pm
Jbone312 Says:
Thu, 06/14/2012 - 1:02am
Fri, 06/15/2012 - 3:53am
Rivrfreak Says:

That's got to be considered cheating!
But just cause your a try hard, I'm not watching sheeeeeet.

Thu, 06/14/2012 - 2:27am
Packer_fan Says:
Wed, 02/29/2012 - 10:01pm

And that's why girls are lucky! Lol no matter what they can get any attention from anyone they want to. :)

Wed, 02/29/2012 - 10:15pm
Thu, 03/01/2012 - 6:17pm

I like boobs so much I wish I had them.

Fri, 03/02/2012 - 3:24pm

F's?! Those are godly boobs handed down by Jesus himself.

Fri, 03/02/2012 - 5:25pm

Hahaha I wouldn't exactly say that....but thanks:)

Mon, 03/05/2012 - 12:04am

Your welcome. Well they are from a guys perspective. lol

Tue, 03/06/2012 - 5:40pm
biovince Says:

Holy hell, pics or it didn't happen.

Wed, 06/13/2012 - 7:11pm
Tue, 06/12/2012 - 6:42pm
Wed, 06/13/2012 - 12:01pm


Wed, 06/13/2012 - 7:05pm
92blayze Says:

I slept with a girl who had f's once (oNLY once), and I honestly didn't know what to do with all that titty real estate.

Wed, 06/13/2012 - 7:12pm

2 words: Egg whites.
That's all I have to say.

Wed, 06/13/2012 - 8:02pm
raindrop Says:
Wed, 06/13/2012 - 8:13pm
KuSHmAsS Says:

Looks like us girls have a new way to get upvotes.
This isn't even an idea. Let alone a HIGHdea.

Wed, 06/13/2012 - 8:55pm
Blizzard28 Says:

This is the reason women are viewed as objects and pieces of ass instead of equals. You can down vote me, but you know I'm right.

Wed, 06/13/2012 - 9:20pm

You all sound like fucking think this topic is so highly touted on a website about marijuana, sad. I mean hey, boobs FTFW, but the guy above me speaks the truth, stoner girls are artards sometimes

Thu, 06/14/2012 - 1:34am

I'm not portraying myself as a stoner girl haha I didn't even create this post for upvotes. It was not an intention I had, but whatevs:)

Wed, 06/13/2012 - 9:55pm
BakedPayne Says:

FUCK YOU! how does shit like this get popular. it pisses me off so much man

Thu, 06/14/2012 - 1:35am

I'm sorry, I didn't post it intentionally to get votes, I mean it was created in february so I don't even know........

Mon, 06/18/2012 - 3:25pm
BakedPayne Says:
Tue, 06/19/2012 - 12:19am

Someone who forgives!
Bless your heart. :)

Thu, 06/14/2012 - 1:53am

1. You're an idiot. The fact that you included boobs, weed, and the fact your're a chick makes me wants to round house kick you in your ovaries. This is not a highdea this is a sad attempt at attention. Why the hell do chicks on here feel like they can only get attention by talking about boobs and weed. Stfu youre not fooling anyone.
2. Stare at my chest and you WILL get kicked in your balls or slapped in the face. You're openly saying that you support women being looked at as a sex object instead of an actual human being? Interesting. This is not a highdea you are however an idiot. k thnx.

Thu, 06/14/2012 - 2:45am

Gotta respect women, and men too.
Since porn is so popular now, we have greatly decreased our respect for women.
Now we see our women as objects.
"We'll have a race of babies that will hate the ladies, and since a man can't make one, he has no right to tell a woman where and when to create one. So will the real men get up? I know you're fed up, ladies, but keep ya head up." - Tupac

Thu, 06/14/2012 - 7:00pm
Sun, 06/17/2012 - 5:45am

This doesn't seem extreme to you? You just went on a 20 yr rant... she has said like a thousand times that she made this shit forever ago. You realize she didn't force 200 dumbshits to upvote this right? How do you know that she is an idiot? Have you met her? Have you experienced her intelligence outside of this one highdea? Everyone has a different sense of humor. So jump off that soapbox

Thu, 06/14/2012 - 9:14pm
richie3002 Says:

What the Fuck man. This higdea in my opininion isnt that great, I would not vote for it. But why the fuck is everyone just like completely attacking this person lol. I think her comment is stupid but damn why the unnecessary imput of opinion. Like why the fuck does any one here even comment you guys all are smarter than just ruthlessly bashing this chick lol. Smoke some pot be chill and like the beatles said LET IT BE lol. Like live and let live, most of us dont like to be judged so why do we judge lol.

Thu, 06/14/2012 - 11:47pm

excuse me but this is the internet hun. If you can't handle what people have to say gtfo. Period.

Fri, 06/15/2012 - 10:49am
richie3002 Says:

I can handle it I just dont understand it. We are stoners are we not shouldnt we be accepting and non judgemental. I guess if you have to belittle others to feel good than go right ahead. Fucking degenerates.

Wed, 06/20/2012 - 1:20am

So you're excuse for acting like a cunt is that this is the internet? Cool story bro

Thu, 06/14/2012 - 9:48pm
tomoose73 Says:
Thu, 06/14/2012 - 11:32pm
Fri, 06/15/2012 - 2:14am
sudahi51 Says:

i never make eye contact with anyone. idk why it just feels weird to me