Dude heres my true story.
College; I was walking around outside just coming from the dollar store, I see one of my friends sitting around with this guy coolin'. I say what's good and they said whats up *Dap Dap Dap*. And as I sit I see my friend and this guy hittin this joint I tried to resist because I had History class in a couple of minutes. But like any stoner "Fuck it" as I asked to for a hit and later received the lit leafy brown wand. I thought this was gonna be some dirt so I took some "heroic" hits(lets say drag) from the blunt to at least get a chill buzz.As we were done,security started to linger and we began to make our way to class. As I walked I started to walk strange, as if I'm swerving. Then Young Jeezy started to sound trippy and evill with his ad-libs. My friend was calling me as I was walking backwards. Then time started become nonexistant, people were walking/talking weird. Then turn the volume on my ipod up, then thats when I realized that this wasnt dirt. But it only got worse, as I left the mens room acknowledged the fact that my eyes resembled a stop sign, I carefully climb stairs, and more stairs and more stairs and more stairs and more stairs till infinity. I finally entered the classroom. Fucked up. Music blaring. Disoriented. Hungry. The professor gave me a weird look and told me to turn off the music. I take them off and the class grew silent. Eyeballs shift towards me as I tip toe towards my desk. So awkward as I sat. Everyone was taking notes. I was trying to figure out why are my hands so big. I hear laughing but theres no one laughing. WTF? I hear mumbling, voices in my head tell me "I WANT OUT" "YOU KNOW YOU FUCKED UP" "FAFSAFASFA19193" "Dude youre trippin!" random colorful images begin to play and dance behind my eyelids and on the teacher's desk. I grew uncomfortable with this desk. My body responds by twitching, every muscle in my body begin to twitch. My feet grew and began to move on its own. I tried to stop it but my body began to shake midly. "Wtf did I smoke" "aww shit". Only a minute has passed. I then knew I hit some bizarre ass weed. My teacher began to speak. It was so slooow. Everything he said was pure comedy. "Do not laugh" I said to myself. "I didnt even reach my peak" "Fuck, fuck I'm gonna get busted." "Shut the fuck up!" I put on my headphones, play music, exited the classroom (mentally)and went to space. Shit was crazy I started dreaming of shapes colors and skeletons with rainbow organs intact. I hear laughing again, I rub my nikes on the floor till I made a shrieking noise. Teacher started to talk backwards and strange. Saying weird things to trip me out. He displays the projector, shows a pictures of dead presidents, people with diseases such as dwarfism and giganticism. "Look at my hand, my forehand". He sounded like a God. "Fuck" Trippy shoit begin to dance across the screen. I hide away because shit was getting heavy. I tried to sleep it off but im too baked to sleep. So I close my close my eyes voices began to drown as I enter to a vast space inside my mind. Three minutes has passed. My body jolts and dances a bit. I wake up and try to sleep, wake up try to sleep, etc. 5 mins have passed. My nose begin to drip. My teaches tells me to turn off my ipod. Theres that awkward stare again. "I think he knows" Theres that awkward silence again. Thats when I uttered out something random, but no one heard it. I think? As the journey continues my teacher started to insert weed terms in his sentences and everyone started to laugh and get up. Class was over.Shit. I get up slowly and walked out as if I my feer melted. Then there goes the hallway. I play my music and my vison begins to shake. I play this:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zyLFgHUbNSQ and started to travel. I walk to the art room, I sat and pictures begin to pop out and this cute girl I had a crush (but I just wanted to bang) talks to me and tries to pull out of this couch...to be continued...


Sun, 05/01/2011 - 3:34am

It was good, but "...and this cute girl I had a crush (but I just wanted to bang) talks to me and tries to pull out of this couch..." There's a couch in your art room? Who was pulling who off the couch? I got everything else though. Damn you, cliffhanger!

Wed, 09/07/2011 - 4:52pm
SkylarL Says:

We had couches and stuff in one of our classes in my middle school. in my biology class we sat on exercise balls as well.that was nice.

Sun, 05/01/2011 - 2:08pm

Yea sorry about that, but it was weird because weeks later
she admitted that she liked me and she wanted to bang as well. And she was really blunt about it too.
But I wasn't feeling her because she was too aggressive. So she stopped talking to me.

It was like a couch but with no back support.
So its a comfy chair stool thingy made of leather.
Fuck I dont know the name for the chair. lol

Sun, 05/01/2011 - 2:33pm

So, what the fuck did you smoke?! And you're a little too young to be "banging." If you were my baby, you'd get a spanking.

Wed, 09/07/2011 - 6:14pm

Dude it sounds just like he smoked some shit laced with PCP

Wed, 09/07/2011 - 9:57pm

yeah thats what i was thinkin as i read this lol

Wed, 09/07/2011 - 7:37pm
Wed, 09/07/2011 - 3:45pm

this shit was mad funny. kinda reminded me of a scene in the big lebowski. good shit brotha.

Wed, 09/07/2011 - 5:33pm
Wed, 09/07/2011 - 9:13pm
Errl Says:

That is hands down my favorite movie ever

Mon, 09/12/2011 - 2:23am

Hey. I'd gladly take your criticism, as long you are not one of those fucktards who blast dubstep.
"Because it sounds like robots jerkin off bro!"

Sun, 05/01/2011 - 3:52pm

That would be very awkward. lol

I dont know what it was exactly (strain, etc)
but I knew it was headies.
Because I told my friend the symptoms and he simply laughed and said
"Yea, that's headies bro."

Wed, 09/07/2011 - 5:17pm
HighGuy11 Says:

sounds like it was laced to me. no headies will do that. i have only ever once that high from weed, and it was the first time i ever got really high. so unless you are used to smoking nothing but ditch weed or you've only been smoking for like a month, you probably smoked PCP

Wed, 09/07/2011 - 6:16pm

It definitely sounds like some PCP, that shit is scary, I got laced once and our guy said "It's special weed". We thought he meant it was just killer shit, after we smoked two bowls of it shit started getting weird and we called him. He went "Yeah, there's angel dust in that." Never bought of him again.

It was interesting but scary at the same time, it felt like my heart beat changed after every beat going fast to slow, fast to slow. My body went totally numb, I then had a panic attack and fainted. Fucked up shit dude.

Sun, 05/22/2011 - 8:23pm
Wed, 09/07/2011 - 4:20pm
khighle™ Says:

i actually don't think this phrase fits for this story. this one was a lot more of a highdea because of how detailed he went with it.

i didn't downvote you though cuz i see where you're coming from.

plus i don't downvote :)

Wed, 09/07/2011 - 4:36pm

Maybe he really meant "cool story" because it was, in fact a cool story. When i was reading it i kept hearing mac millers- trippin out as like background music. Cool story though chap I cant wait to read the rest.

Wed, 09/07/2011 - 5:57pm

Your wording cannot change a story into a highdea.

Wed, 09/07/2011 - 7:04pm

By the way, everyone who downvoted.
I was sincere about the story.
I thought it was legitimately cool and wanted to express my interest.
Anyways, I wouldn't diss STT. I got a lil bro-crush on that nigga.


Wed, 09/07/2011 - 7:54pm
khighle™ Says:
Wed, 09/07/2011 - 9:34pm

"cool story, bro." FAR DIFFERENT than "cool story bro"

Thu, 09/08/2011 - 1:44am
baked101 Says:
Thu, 09/08/2011 - 10:58pm
Eureka Says:

i upvoted....it was a story...it was cool..cool story bro....nuff said

Wed, 09/07/2011 - 11:32am

Good read. "why are my hands so big" haha I couldn't stop laughing at that

Wed, 09/07/2011 - 2:06pm
Malawi Says:
Wed, 09/07/2011 - 3:55pm
Boombaclut Says:

I read that like a fuckin halloween story since you said somethin bout skeletons and rainbow organs. Thats some dope imagery. Now i befriend you.

Wed, 09/07/2011 - 4:28pm

i feel you man. safe travels next time brotha

Wed, 09/07/2011 - 4:31pm

why would you smoke anything but headies? i blaze dank bud while on my way driving to school

Wed, 09/07/2011 - 4:35pm
way-happy Says:
Wed, 09/07/2011 - 4:39pm
Wed, 09/07/2011 - 5:16pm
HighGuy11 Says:

that's what i was thinking except that its impossible to lace weed with LSD. it would have to be like PCP or dippers or something fucked up like that. but unless he's just a super lightweight and used to shitty ass weed, that shit was laced for sure

Wed, 09/07/2011 - 11:43pm
way-happy Says:

It could've been laced with ketamine. Or maybe some really fire blow lol although the white lady has never made me trip nuts like that

Thu, 09/08/2011 - 6:17pm
Wed, 09/07/2011 - 5:05pm
Wed, 09/07/2011 - 5:34pm
HighGuy11 Says:

you should have named this "Do not smoke laced weed before class"
either that or "do not smoke headies before class if you can't handle your shit"

Wed, 09/07/2011 - 5:39pm

I'm pretty light weight I think. I feel like that every time I smoke, dude xD It's awesome lmao

Wed, 09/07/2011 - 5:53pm
stockstew Says:

Holy crap ur pic is trippin me out haha Waat the fuuck

Wed, 09/07/2011 - 5:43pm
Wed, 09/07/2011 - 11:44pm
way-happy Says:

probably laced weed. The effect would be even more intense if he didn't know it was laced.

Wed, 09/07/2011 - 6:35pm
Nyx Says:

bullshit. I agree with the people who think it is laced with pcp.
Cool story. I opened it thinking it would be less crazy lol

Wed, 09/07/2011 - 6:35pm
Alexn Says:
Wed, 09/07/2011 - 7:07pm

i'd be sooo scaredd. haaaa, i'm such a pussy.

Wed, 09/07/2011 - 7:35pm

Smoked a bowl at a friends before class, i was standing at the front of the bus because it was so packed. I was so fucking scared it looked like the bus was going sooo fast and gunna crash. I just stayed on the bus and went back home to at least enjoy this buzz -_-

Wed, 09/07/2011 - 10:17pm

dude....i think you smoked the lengendary Geoffery!!!!


Wed, 09/07/2011 - 11:32pm
Wed, 09/07/2011 - 11:53pm
LizBiz Says:

I want this music, how can I download it

Mon, 09/12/2011 - 2:05am

Go to google. And type
Cold legistics Northern star mediafire
And you may find it in a rar format
Download away bro don't forget to convert it to .zip

Wed, 09/07/2011 - 11:59pm
Eureka Says:
Thu, 09/08/2011 - 12:54am

all im gonna say, is that shit definitally wasnt weed that did that

Thu, 09/08/2011 - 12:57am
katiepanda Says:

So I haven't even read this yet, but I saw how long it was and I needed to smoke another bowl before I could tackle it.