Oh k, so you know how we have Santa Clause to give presents at Christmas, and the Easter bunny, who brings candy at Easter. Well, I just experienced the Cottonmouth Kid. He's small, about five years old, adorable, etc... Anyways, he comes to visit all the stoners in the world. AND WHEN HE DOES...He brings you a refreshing, cool, delicious, beverage, and says "free of charge.". And then just scampers off into the distance, only to be seen on your next marijuana adventure.

P.S. He only comes to the chill stoners. Not those douche bags that bitch about the grinder being shitty, or the oney being "too clogged".


Fri, 02/17/2012 - 12:31pm
Cashmoney3 Says:

We may have a new holiday on our hands...