Facebooking With my Mom

Mom: Did you get my message about the $?

Me: Yes I did. I also got the gift cards thank you, I’m super stocked up on milk. Question, so I got a sub at like 6pm tonight and ate half of it and left the other half out lazily. And now its 2am (so 6 hours have passed) and I just got home from going out and I didn’t want to spend money on food so I put the half sandwich in the freezer, if I leave it in there for like a half hour will it be cool to eat? I mean, I’m gonna eat it no matter what cause I’m hungry and you wont read this for a few hours. But I mean it has, lettuce, bologna, ham, salami, mayo, pickles, and jalapeños. I imagine the bologna, ham, salami, mayo sitch is the most concerning. My hope is that the freezer will kill any bacteria that may have formed, I’m just scared of getting sick but all I want is that half sandwich. I’ll call you when I get up and let you know what happened.

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