I think almost all the stoners in America who never heard about this site, randomly saw tosh.O that one day it featured this site. This is just more proof that stoners think a like.


Wed, 11/25/2009 - 10:45am
BlazzinSky Says:

My brother saw it and knowing what a stoner I was said, 'bro you know there is a website called highdeas?' and i said what the FUCK?!!? I've wanted to do that forever. Needless to say 3 days later 25 posts in I love this site

Wed, 11/25/2009 - 12:48pm

Tosh.0, reddit, and others have brought a lot of people here.

Tosh brought me here, and I'm fkn glad he did. This site RULES.

<3 all you fuckers, stay high.

*Wrote this; Quote this; Notice how I wreck,
My funky hocus pocus broke his neck.*

Thu, 11/26/2009 - 2:12pm
btong420 Says:

omfg its that stupid ass quote again~!!

Sat, 12/05/2009 - 1:56pm

Uhh which one? My signature?

Kiss my ass.

*Wrote this; Quote this; Notice how I wreck,
My funky hocus pocus broke his neck.*

Wed, 11/25/2009 - 12:50pm
Jazzzyyy Says:

and did any of the stoners on here mention THIS SITE RULES!?

~~//**i smell something in the air thats making me HIIIIIIGHHHHHH**\\~~

Wed, 11/25/2009 - 3:09pm
shiden_239 Says:

ok here we go. . .
doh reh me fah so da so la tee dah so
haha, thats a good song. im gonna go listen to that.
It Must be the Ganja

Wed, 11/25/2009 - 12:50pm
Wed, 11/25/2009 - 12:51pm
Jazzzyyy Says:

also tosh.0 WE THANK YOU

for those of you that heard of this wonderous site from that really rad dude

~~//**i smell something in the air thats making me HIIIIIIGHHHHHH**\\~~

Wed, 11/25/2009 - 1:03pm
Wed, 11/25/2009 - 1:27pm
BlackNo.1 Says:

Yeah, thanks Tosh.0 or thanks to all the other networks for not having anything on tv... whichever! this site is awesome!

Wed, 11/25/2009 - 1:38pm

Yep Tosh.0 directed me to this lovely site.

"If you had all the weed in the world how much would you smoke?" "ALL OF IT."

Wed, 11/25/2009 - 2:19pm

ahahah so true hahaha now i watch that show all the time

Wed, 11/25/2009 - 2:43pm
Wed, 11/25/2009 - 3:11pm
shiden_239 Says:

i also heard of this site from Tosh.0
glad i was watching when it played. ive been on here ever since.

-Stay toasty my freinds.

Wed, 11/25/2009 - 3:12pm
toaster Says:

Hilarious. Yep, Tosh.0 is badass. Nice to meet all you guys.

Wed, 11/25/2009 - 7:25pm
DAMP Says:
Wed, 11/25/2009 - 7:45pm

true, very true. I was brought by tosh

Wed, 11/25/2009 - 8:00pm
Wed, 11/25/2009 - 11:32pm
lil_c_420 Says:

dude i totally saw this on tosh.0 and i was like seriously!? i need to check out that site. and i just joined today and i already love it kuz its so chill!

Wed, 11/25/2009 - 11:34pm

Tosh.0 totally opened up a whole new world for me when finding this site! I fucking love it!

Thu, 11/26/2009 - 1:30am

Yup i saw that shit on tosh.0 while hittin the bong... i put it down... just stared at the screen and next thing i knew i was on the site reading um for hours haha... thank you mr. Tosh


Thu, 11/26/2009 - 1:48am

saw tosh.o sober and thought that was the funniest shit ever

Thu, 11/26/2009 - 3:54am
kimbok00 Says:
Thu, 11/26/2009 - 3:54am
kimbok00 Says:
Thu, 11/26/2009 - 4:07am
Mingyuun (not verified) Says:

I love how excited i was when i came here then i saw how excited everyone else was and i was like im a fucking loser! lmfao yes TOSH.0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thu, 11/26/2009 - 4:51am
Jazzzyyy Says:

its like were making a tosh.0 cult lol

~~//**i smell something in the air thats making me HIIIIIIGHHHHHH**\\~~

Thu, 11/26/2009 - 1:21pm

i saw that shit too.. the weed magnet was the first highdea i heard

~Get some pussy, smoke some weed, make some money, fuck else you need?~

Thu, 11/26/2009 - 2:26pm

just talked to a guy who said he saw it on tosh.o... hahahahahaha

Thu, 11/26/2009 - 2:49pm
Leper420 Says:

I'm from Ireland and i came across with stumbleupon. Simply amazing haha

Thu, 11/26/2009 - 6:02pm
ClamSchwab Says:
Thu, 11/26/2009 - 6:05pm
xXgreenXx Says:

"i must smoke my carpet weed"
i'm there with you man

Thu, 11/26/2009 - 8:21pm
lyrix Says:

I thought I was a genius for thinking of the word "highdea", but I knew I wasn't the first to come up with it.. so I googled it and found this website.

High minds think alike.

Thu, 11/26/2009 - 11:48pm

tosh.o directed me here and as soon as i saw it i was like ALRIGHT so i logged on made a profile and i sit here and read these and comment and post for hours and of course toke up whilst doing this......let the smoke and the good times roll

Fri, 11/27/2009 - 1:14am
Kiwi420 Says:

word bro. youve just discovered the secret to this sites sucess, and his name is daniel tosh.
jk, that show blows but im glad i watched it that one time.
fellow stoners unite!

"Know your dope fiend. You will not be able to see his eyes because of tea shades, but his knuckles will be white from inner tension and his pants will be crusted with semen from constantly jacking off when he can't find a rape victim."

Fri, 11/27/2009 - 4:28am
Mingyuun (not verified) Says:
Fri, 11/27/2009 - 9:31am
Remix. Says:

I google it.Always say thank you to google or it will bring terror down upon.lol

Fri, 11/27/2009 - 10:25am
Sat, 11/28/2009 - 12:39am

Yes. I was watchin' comedy central, baked (as usual) and Tosh.0 comes on and it features highdeas. I saw the idea with the crazy-ass gorilla, and I'm like "HELL YES!" I rush over to my comp, go to highdeas, and true-love instantly formed.

Tue, 04/20/2010 - 3:43am
PabstSmear Says:

hahaha duuude i was smokin a j at 12am makin it 4/20 and the show came on after the 1st 3 hits and i been reading quotes for 3 hours hahaha well with vape breaks in between YAY WEED

Mon, 07/18/2011 - 12:50pm

I think I was on 420chan when I found out about this. Someone posted like
"Stoners are Tosh's favourite demographic! He mentioned highDEAs on his show!"
And I'm like highDEAs? I heard him talkin about that once.