Dear Reader, the year is actually 2365

Your body died due to natural aging. But your brain was able to be saved, and at your request, removed and placed into our life simulator machines. You are, for the lack of a better phrase, a cyborg.

The world around you does not exist. It was designed and created specifically for you. You do not have any recollection of your real life, because we have found that are users enjoy our program much more when they think it is real. Again, this was explained to you and this was your choice.

Your payment gave you one life to live. Many people have paid for multiple lives that are lived back to back. This option is perfectly healthy for you brain as well, but it does have a side effect of giving you deja vu.

Once your program has expired, you will be given the choice of purchasing another life. But if you are unable to make payment, you will be sent on your way. Thank you for choosing our company to provide you with this service, and have a wonderful day.

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