Author: stanelythebong

animal police

i know animals dont have cops, but can you imagine if they did? like you're just walking around and you see a dog in a blue hat and a little badge barking at another dog for running too fast. that would be amazing.

lava lamps

i wish lava lamps were a main source of lighting. like they hung from walls and stuff. that'd be awesome

Bong names

i see alot of peoples bong names are like bongzilla or hemppants mcgee....then i start to feel uncreative because my bongs name is stanley

Lighter Adventure?

a few days ago i lost a baby blue lighter and i drew a weed leaf on it. at one point in my day i lost it and couldnt find it (which is sad cause i loved it) but today, while me and my friends were chillin at the park, high as shit. what was by the slide? my baby blue lighter! and i havnt been to this park in i'm wonderin...what the fuck has this lighter done in the past few days?