Author: StackedActor

Language Lenses

Last night I smoked a joint in my car on my way to dinner with my friend and I couldn't help but notice the Russian couple next to us at the restaurant who chose to speak only in Russian unless the waiter was talking to them. My family is Serbian so I could understand some words and I realized that they were obviously talking about the fact that my friend and I smelled like weed. This made me think, wouldn't subtitle glasses be really cool? Glasses that you could slip on that somehow sensed the language someone was speaking and you could have the English translation subtitles projected for you to read on the lenses. We would all be able to understand each other because the subtitles could be projected in a number of different languages. Think of all the international smoke seshes you could have without even having to speak the same language! Also, you can call out people like these Russians from last night who think they are speaking in code, but then you could be like, why yes I do smell like weed thanks for noticing and enjoy the dumbfounded look on their faces.

The River

Friend of mine and I went into the woods a few days ago with a bong. We had the bud, the lighter, but forgot the water bottle we were gonna use. Gotta love that river that happened to be flowing right next to us and helped fill up our bong. Ganja really does connect you to nature.