Author: rude_boy

So I walked into a bar…

...and who do I see sitting next to me but 50 Cent. And he's knitting a sweater. So I yelled to him, Gee you knit? (If you're high read that last line a couple times.)

What Non-Smokers Will Never Understand…

It's not just about getting high. It's the risk and reward of buying it. It's smelling it like a flower or a fine wine. It's the nugget caressing. It's the burning and tasting it as if it were a well cooked meal. Getting high is just a nice byproduct of a really fun hobby.

Dear Laughing Rabbit,

Just because I have a baby's rattle duct taped to my tail does not mean I won't FUCK YOUR WORLD UP. Sincerely, One Pissed-off Rattlesnake

You are not that important

Over 99% of the species that have ever lived on the Earth are now extinct. I love how we as humans seem to think we are somehow exempt from this eventual outcome. In the cosmic sense human beings are no more significant than a fly on a cow's ass you pass while you're doing 65 smoking one. And just one person? Don't get me started.