Author: pipedreams


Is it just me or do all stoners have that one hat they really really love?

Just not cool

When a friend hits you up wanting to smoke and you are all happy to chill and you show up and there is a bunch of random fucking people expecting to be smoked up...... Its not fuckin cool.

Scariest moment of my life

About five years ago I had gone on my daily adventure to the store to get munchies. Baked off my ass I decided to cut through the woods that led to my back yard. I get through the woods and I am half way across my back yard when I hear a branch snap behind me. I turn as six cops with assault rifles come bursting out of the trees and over the stone wall. I drop my munchies and throw my hands in the air and start screaming ITS MY HOUSE! ITS MY HOUSE! The cop closest to me starts yelling at me to get inside. As it turns out a pill head had robbed the drugstore down the road from where I got my munchies.


So I totally just Scorpion'd my bag of weed from the other end of the couch with my scarf. FLAWLESS VICTORY!

Unwrapping myself for Christmas

So I wrapped myself in this big box and have clam baked the shit out of it. I am writing to you from there now. I am one HIGH ticket item if you know what I mean. It is so smoky in here. Gonna unwrap myself soon.

I just submitted a highDEA

I was trying to submit my highDEA and it wouldn't validate and create it. Waved my hand at my computer and said you want to create my highDEA and it totally posted lol Stoner Jedi Mindtrick!