Author: Oldfield

Life flashing before your eyes

You know how people say that when you're about to die, that life flashes before your eyes ? Well what if our very existance right now is that flashback. Everything in your life has already happened and at this very moment you're just tenths of a second away from death, but your frozen just visualizing this. That tenth of a second feels like 80 years. This just mind-fucked me.

Yeah thats right TSA, you ain’t got nothin’ on me

I swear to go I am the luckiest kid a live. I am in europe for 3 months doing an exchange programme where I try and learn french. Before I left for europe I made sure that I got rid of every one of my pipes, bongs, paps, ect.. or at least I thought I did. When i was unpacking my bag I found 1g in my bag, I had somehow snuck it through security checks in Toronto AND in Paris. I'm the luckiest kid alive. Now, it's time to smoke out my new swiss buddies with some sour diesle :)