Author: Not_An_Addict

Shitty Music These Days….

Have you noticed that all the new artists on the radio like (Ke$ha)? for example... can't sing worth a penny! Also, little kids like this crap. It's mindless music. Me personally, like music with meaning. That's why i don't listen to the radio.

Road colors

Wouldn't it be amazing to drive on a road that's pink or purple. I think that would make driving a whole lot more enjoyable. Every different road would a a different color. Yeah, that sounds good.

I figured it out.

It takes 2-5 days to get harmful drugs out of your system. It takes about 30 days for thc to leave your system. Have you all ever thought that your body tends to get rid of harmful substances quicker than ones that arent harmful? Thc just chills in your body because it isnt doing any harm to you.

Dear Teacher,

Don't fucking call on me unless i have my hand raised, fore that i am stoned and whatever comes out of my mouth most likely wont be related to the topics you are taking about and will embarass the hell out of me.