Author: Mountain_High

Dog Losing Voice

Why do humans lose their voices after yelling constantly for a few minutes, but dogs can annoyingly bark for hours on end without losing theirs? Tiny dog barking is the ultimate high-buzzkill

The Runway Toke

Of all the places to enjoy a J, none is better than while laying down at the end of an airport landing strip watching the planes come in right over top of you (like in Wayne's World). And Every time you think the planes gonna miss its mark. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....haha" "

Stoner on Jersey Shore

As I watch Jersey Shore I can't help but think MTV needs to hire some normal guy with a name like, Steve" who is just absolutely baked 24/7 to balance out the rest of the cast. His facial expressions during random cast outbursts and his offhanded confessionals would easily be worth it. Think about it MTV..."