Author: mark.shark

Nervous Paying

I always get a mini heart attack when I'm high and I'm paying for something with my credit/debit card. I feel like the cashier is staring me down and while I try to figure out which way to slide the card... I hate it.

That One Kid

There's always that one person you blaze with that just gets insanely high and all they do is stare off into space while being completely silent.

TV Volume

Does anyone else turn their TV volume down at night because it seems so much louder than it does in the daytime?


I love acting like I know what sober people are talking about when I'm blazed, when I really have no idea...


It's impossible to get bored of highDEAS when you're high.

Burglar Fantasy

I can't be the only one who thinks about what item in the room I'd attack a burglar with if they were to spontaneously come into that room.

More Taste Buds

I wish I had taste buds on my esophagus, that way I would be able to taste food going down my throat too. It would make my favorite thing to do high even more enjoyable.

Jumbo Capri Sun

They need to make a huge pouch like 24 FL OZs of a Capri Sun. These little pouches are getting old, I'm not 4 anymore.

Instant Best Friends

Have you ever smoked with someone you don't know, and at the beginning it's kind of awkward but then after a few bowls you guys start talking and are instantly best friends? Thanks Mary Jane.

Instant Conversion

When given a sum of money, does anybody else automatically convert it in their head into how much weed they can buy with it?