Author: kameron1516

So I was just outside

smoking on a swing and was rocking back and forth then cam inside and sat on a normal chair and tried to swing but couldn't. Normal chairs are boring.

This One is for You

I just thought with Valentine's Day coming up I would try this out. I want to tell this girl that I love her. I am completely in love with here and always will be. I want this to be a little part of her present. So help me get it published so I can tell her to go on here and she will see this and be happy it was published for her:) thanks guys.

Plan Ahead

Whenever I know I'm about to get really blazed I pre-make food...I will be so happy I did it later.

When you get really baked do you

have really intense full conversations with yourself and even have responses to your own questions and shit in your head? haha Idk if that makes sense Im really fucking baked.

Money and Weed

Who else if they hear an amount of money immediately calculates how much weed they can get with it?

Resin Jelly

What if they had resin jelly? So it tasted like jelly and you could make a peanut butter and jelly that got you high. So as you ate this masterpiece, it gradually got better and better and better.